company profile

telematiQs understands the needs of the market and provides solutions for the telematics companies in automotive, agricultural and marine. Our main focus is providing all-in-one solutions in gathering, processing and transmission of vehicle data. The benefit of it is to unburden the telematics companies from the difficulties of winning actionable insights from the vehicle for their end users. Driver behaviour, vehicle usage, fleet management, tachograph download… etc. are example of all-in-one solutions that telematiQs provide for the telematic companies.

Moreover, telematiQs has the needed vehicle knowledge in house to support different make and model of vehicles in all possible fleets. Upon this, we have the expertise to solve the problems in controlling complex systems in complex circumstances, like retrofit start/stop system, idling governor, spare thank solutions…etc.

our vision & mission

We have more than 15 years of experience in the field of measurement and live vehicle sensor data processing. With this background telematiQs wants to focus on telematic companies and want to help them to improve their processes, to create better overview, to decrease work load, to limit risks and save costs. We can provide all-in-one solutions for connecting every single things in the entire fleets and you can take the best actions for your customers.