Do you need an all-in-one product? Qan-ALL can connect vehicle sensor data to your web-socket. Here are some features of the Qan-ALL.

    • connectivity 4G with fall-back to 2G
    • fleet management based on vehicle sensor data
    • driver behaviour based on vehicle sensor data
    • location data
    • driver ID
    • tacho serial data
    • vehicle immobilization
    • remote tacho download
    • remote card download
    • extra I/O’s
    • internal and external GNSS antenna’s
    • including connectivity (eSIM)
    • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)
    • remote configurable, reporting possibilities, settings and thresholds
    • supporting HTTP protocol with content type JSON

It is also possible to support custom functionalities within the Qan-ALL.

Please read our Qan-ALL flyer for more information. Would you like to know more about Qan-ALL please take contact with telematiQs sales team.

telematiQs Middleware

Middleware solution is mind to provide a module for fast integrate with telematics providers. The integration can be made on endpoint sides so you don’t have to develop much on your application.

  • FOTA (Firmware Over The Air)
  • provisioning
  • settings
  • view raw device data
  • tachograph authentication service to download the mass memory and driver cards.
  • remote scheduled tachograph downloads (mass memory and driver cards)
  • and more

telematiQs believes that integrations between cross-platforms can be implemented within a week.


Qreader is a non-interfering and non-intrusive contactless CANbus data reader. Qreader can collect CANbus data from all vehicle CANbuses. There is no need to strip wires and make a wire-to-wire soldering connection to CANbus because CANbus data is read over the isolation of the wire.

Please read our Qreade flyer for more information. Would you like to know more about Qreader please take contact with telematiQs sales team.

  • contactless CANbus reader
  • no wire stripping and soldering needed, easy and quick installation
  • no interfering issues when CAN_H and CAN_L installed other way around
  • fits in all vehicle CANbus
  • 100% data integrity  (tested)