driver management

driver behaviour analysis

As the technology progresses, vehicles are getting equipped with more actuators, sensors and electronic control units (ECU). CANbus is a highly reliable communication standard. Vehicle ECU starting from 2004 are inter-connected by CANbus networks. Recent vehicles are all equipped with multiple CANbuses.

All ECU’s together can support up to 1000 sensor data (example RPM, vehicle speed, vehicle dash odometer). This data can be used to analyse the drive style. When Qan-ALL is connected to the vehicle CANbus, it will start reading vehicle sensor data. Qan-ALL can support all types of passenger cars, vans, buses and trucks.

Qan-ALL can easily be connected to CANbus in various vehicles. This makes possible to read vehicle data from all supported vehicles. Even though all these vehicles have different CANbus protocols, Qan-ALL can read these vehicle CANbus and sends the vehicle sensor data for telematics purposes.

The dataset below is an example of a default (conventional fuel) parameter set that are read from the vehicle.

driver behaviour speed & mileage engine fuel counters additional
accelerator pedal odometer engine speed total fuel used idle time driver ID
brake pedal vehicle speed coolant temp fuel level drive time ignition
high RPM cruise control engine hours idle fuel cruise time battery voltage
harsh acceleration reverse direction torque drive fuel PTO time location
harsh breaking PTO fuel VIN
long idles

driver identification

In situations that a vehicle is used by many drivers, you may want to identify which driver is driving which vehicles and at what time. By identifying the drivers you may know that certain time about the driver trip information, vehicle usage and driver behaviour.  This feature makes possible

  • to identify and authorize the drive
  • to create driver-based reports
  • driver activities; like working and driving hours

how it works?

Driver gets a personal unique identification tag related to that driver. When ignition gets on, driver will be attended to identify and when the driver behind the steering wheel is authorized, reports are linked to that driver. There are multiple driver identification readers available. These are the following identification reader that are supported;

  • i-Button
  • 13.56Mhz Mifare
  • 125Khz HID
  • RFID