fleet management

Depending on the locations and variations in kind of transportation work, results in various makes and types of vehicles, such as cars, trucks, VANs, buses and even off-read vehicles within the fleet. Effective fleet management is vital for businesses and organizations that heavily rely on transportation. It leads to improved operational efficiency, reduced operational costs, enhanced customer service, and increased safety for drivers and vehicles. As technology continues to advance, fleet management is becoming more data-driven and integrated, allowing for better decision-making and optimization of fleet operations.

Telematics providers are companies that offer fleet management solutions and services to businesses and organizations that manage fleets of vehicles or other assets. The challenges are big as telematics involves the use of technology to track movements and monitor vehicle usage and driver behaviour in real-time, utilizing a combination of GPS, cellular, and other communication technologies. The data collected from telematics systems helps fleet managers make informed decisions, optimize operations, improve safety, and reduce costs.

Scalable features and wide support base make Qan-ALL a powerful fleet management solution for telematics providers. Following features are supported by Qan-ALL.

  • connectivity, sending data over the mobile network via (E)GPRS and/or 4G.
  • location, determining the vehicle travel from the GNSS engine using the internal and/or external antenna.
  • vehicle live sensor data like vehicle dash odometer, vehicle speed, fuel used, ignition switch.. etc. from vehicle CANbus
  • wide support of vehicle make and types.

Combining the connectivity, location, vehicle dash odometer and more is the perfect mix for your business intelligence.