tachograph managment

remote tachograph mass memory & driver card download

A tachograph is a device used in vehicles to record driving times, vehicle speed, distance travelled, ..etc. and ensuring compliance with regulations related to working hours and driving time for commercial drivers. In some regions, tachographs are mandatory for certain types of vehicles, such as commercial trucks, buses and VAN’s.

A remote tachograph download refers to the process of retrieving data from the tachograph without physically accessing the vehicle or the tachograph unit itself. Traditionally, tachograph data was collected by connecting a special tachograph download tool directly to the tachograph unit within the vehicle. However, with advancements in technology, remote downloading has become a more convenient and efficient method for gathering tachograph data.

How it works?

  1. The vehicle have to be equipped with Qan-ALL, which is a technology that allows to transmit data remotely. Qan-ALL in the vehicle have to be connected to the tachograph CANbus on C connector.
  2. The tachograph continuously records driving data, including driving time, rest periods, vehicle speed, distance travelled, …etc. This data is stored within the tachograph mass memory and within the driver card.
  3. Qan-ALL receives scheduled tachograph download jobs from the telematiQs Middleware and starts authentication session with the connected tachograph using the telematiQs authentication server, which is a card hotel server.
  4. Once the Authentication is done, Qan-ALL start downloading data from the tachograph and sends the data to telematiQs Middleware via GPRS and/or 4G. Job’s could be a tachograph mass memory download and/or driver card download.
  5. Once the data reaches the telematiQs Middleware, fleet managers, drivers, or authorized personnel can download the DDD files from the telematiQs Middleware.

The DDD file can be used for various purposes, such as ensuring compliance with legal driving and rest time regulations, analysing driver behaviour, monitoring vehicle usage, and improving overall fleet management.

tacho live data

Tacho live data provides real-time access to the current and ongoing driving activities of a vehicle and its driver to be able to efficiently plan the fleet operations. Qan-ALL is able to access this real-time data through tacho D8 serial line, tachograph CANbus or FMS CANbus.